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Fenix Cooling 2018 Ltd: Limited Warranty.

The term ‘Fenix’ refers to Fenix branded products sold by either Fenix Cooling 2018 Ltd or Fenix Authorized Dealers. For a list of Fenix Authorized Dealers please contact us at

Fenix takes pride in the quality of its products. Every Fenix cooling product is subject to a series of quality inspections during the production process. Fenix’s limited warranty guarantees that all products will be free from any material defects as long as they have been installed in the correct vehicle or application they have been designed for, for the warranty periods outlined below:

1. Off-road Vehicles.

• Three (3) months from date of purchase.

2. Commercial and 4WD Vehicles including trucks, buses and tractors.

• Two (2) years or 40,000KM (whichever occurs first).

3. Passenger and non-commercial Vehicles.

• Two (2) years or 40,000KM (whichever occurs first).

This warranty covers all Fenix cooling products excluding the items outlined below:

• Fenix Antifreeze / Coolant.

Fenix is available to assist with all general product and application inquiries, including warranty related inquiries when purchased direct. However all Fenix Authorized Dealer warranty claims are handled by the original Authorized Dealer you purchased your Fenix product from.

Fenix’s limited warranty applies to the original purchaser only. Fenix cannot be held responsible for damage caused by: accident or vehicle collision, modification of the product, installation error, impact from road debris, or negligence of the vehicle cooling system.

If a problem with a Fenix product should occur, immediately contact us or the Fenix Authorized Dealer from whom you purchased the product and notify them of the problem.

Prior to a warranty claim, please prepare the following to submit:

• A detailed description of the problem.
• Clear digital photos of the problem.
• A copy of your original receipt or invoice.
• Your full name and address.
• Contact phone number.

The claims process will only begin once you have submitted all of the above information to us or the Fenix Authorised dealer and they have confirmed receipt.

Warranty: Exclusions.

This limited warranty is not transferable to any third party, including but not limited to any subsequent purchaser or owner of the product. This limited warranty does not cover, and is void with respect to: (a) improper installation, storage, repair, maintenance, modification, defects or failures due to misuse, neglect, negligence, abuse, accident, physical damage, improper handling or shipping, abnormal operation or operation contrary to furnished instructions or warnings, exposure to fire, or any substance inside (other than recommended coolant) or outside the operating system; or (b) cosmetic damage; (c) cost of installation, removal or reinstallation; or (d) damage resulting from fire, flood, or other ‘acts of God’ or acts which are not the fault of Fenix Cooling 2018 Ltd.

Fenix disclaims any and all liability for any implied warranties, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a specific purpose. Under no circumstances shall Fenix Cooling 2018 Ltd be liable for any incidental, indirect, specific or consequential damages arising from purchaser’s use of the product.

Warranty: Installation.

Fenix is committed to manufacturing quality radiators and cooling products that meet or exceed OEM standards.

Fenix Cooling 2018 Ltd recommends installation of its products be performed by a qualified mechanic. Some modifications may be required prior to the installation of Fenix cooling products. In specific, Fenix Performance alloy radiators may require modification of the inlet and outlet coolant hoses to accommodate the increased thickness.

Fenix OEM replacement & Performance alloy radiators are vehicle specific for an easy install and are designed to work with your factory OEM fan shrouds and or fans. Note: There are a handful of universal or multi-vehicle applications that may require some modification or even fabrication to ensure correct fitment. 

Once installed, care must be taken to remove all air from the vehicle’s cooling system. Fenix Cooling 2018 Ltd will not accept damaged products due to negligence and or poorly bled cooling systems.

Warranty: Recommended Antifreeze Coolant.

It is important that the proper coolant is used for your Fenix radiator and cooling system. You should refer to the vehicles ownership manual or manufacturer recommendations when choosing the correct grade of coolant.

When a Fenix Performance alloy radiator is installed, it is recommended a complete cooling system flush and fill with new coolant as per the vehicle manufacturers guidelines. Neglecting a full cooling system flush or using the wrong coolant may result in corrosion, leaks, and premature wear and tear that could compromise your vehicles cooling system.